Before You Sell or Trade-In

Visit us for a FREE estimate on your vehicle where we can create a reasonable investment plan for improving your bottom line.

Why come see us first?

  • We can help eliminate complaints about your vehicle so you can command a higher price and reduce the chance of price haggling which will put more money in your pocket.
  • We're confident that you will recover your CarSmart Vehicle Improvement Investment by selling your vehicle faster and for a stronger price or trade-in value.
  • A clean vehicle creates (or solidifies) the impression of a "well maintained" vehicle. A dirty, dinged up car makes buyers cautious, no matter how religious you were about oil changes.

Have You Leased a Vehicle?

Don't get killed on the turn-in. Lease arrangements allow for some wear and tear (unless you paid for additional protection), but door dings, scuffed bumpers, damaged wheels and a dirty interior can really cost you more on the turn-in than it would if you take care of some of these items before the leasing company gets to see the vehicle.


A clean, detailed vehicle with dings removed, paint touched up, a clean interior and other aesthetic repairs made is going to sell faster and for more money.