Vehicle Protection Services

Theft Protection

CarSmart! can install vehicle alarms and theft deterrent devices that will encourage a would-be thief to move on to a vehicle that does not appear to have a security protection system, thus leaving your vehicle safe and unharmed.

Paint Protection

Nature's elements, salt of winter, and every day wear and tear can deteriorate your vehicle's paint quickly. With our annual maintenance program, as outlined in our Detailing section, CarSmart! will protect your new vehicle from these elements and conditions from the day you buy your car until the day you replace it.

Rust Protection

Vehicles still rust! In parts of the country where snow falls and roads are salted, as well as other conditions, vehicles still rust. It is true that today most vehicles are equipped with corrosion protection in mind. However, most manufacturers state in their vehicle warranties that "exposure to certain elements and chemicals" is not covered under their corrosion warranty. If you are going to keep your car indefinitely, it is a good idea to Rust Protect your entire vehicle. Our Rust Protection expertise dates back more than 30 years.

Underbody Protection

The undercarriage of a vehicle shows corrosion just like it has for decades. Undercoating your vehicle not only protects it from these elements while sealing out water, salt and other elements, but also provides a dark, clean, consistent and well-maintained look to the underside of your vehicle, thus enhancing the overall appearance. Also, with the addition of underbody sound barrier, CarSmart! can help you achieve a quieter ride.

Interior Protection

Spills, stains, rain, snow, car-pools, you name it, the inside of your vehicle takes a beating! As outlined in our Interior Detailing section, CarSmart! offers a wide variety of protectants for all types of upholstery, carpeting and interior surfaces. Not only will these protectants allow you additional time to clean a spill, they will resist stains and dirt making routine maintenance and cleaning of your vehicle much easier.

Depreciation Protection

Protect your vehicle's condition proactively so that when it comes time to replace your vehicle, you will be able to have the best pre-driven vehicle available for purchase. Vehicles that are well- maintained and kept looking great by your CarSmart! Vehicle Improvement Specialists will always command the best price. It is that simple.