Vehicle Repair Services

Door dings, glass chips, interior mishaps, paint scratches, and chips are unfortunately, a normal part of your vehicle's life. In aiming to be your complete vehicle appearance team, as well as helping you feel great about the vehicle you drive, your CarSmart! Vehicle Improvement Specialists are trained in more extensive cosmetic repairs. This not only adds convenience to your annual vehicle appearance maintenance visit, but protects the value of your investment, too!

Glass Repair

When a stone or piece of debris hits your windshield leaving a star or crack in the glass, your CarSmart! specialist is ready to repair it! Many times repairing such a crack will stop it from spreading into a more costly replacement. As an added benefit to you, many insurance companies will reimburse you for this type of repair! Visit our Glass Services section.

Paintless Dent Removal

Minor dents and dings can be removed at CarSmart! Paintless Dent Removal will preserve your vehicle's factory paint finish. In addition, you may experience additional savings by potentially avoiding costly auto body repairs and the respective vehicle down-time. Then, CarSmart! can professionally detail your vehicle to keep it looking like new!

Paint Scratch and Chip Repair

Depending on the severity, many scratches, scuffs and chips can be greatly minimized. Your CarSmart! specialist can not only repair them, but they can also offer accessories that will help your vehicle avoid additional paint damage.