The CarSmart! Detailing Difference

Almost 50 years in the making.

The Company

Our goal is to be your Vehicle Improvement Specialists. We like to say, "We're not your corner car-wash that also details cars". You won't just get a shinier version of what you brought in, with soaking wet "shampooed carpets" and a greasy dashboard.

At CarSmart! we clean your vehicle at a level far beyond what our competition will deliver. If not, we let YOU determine what we should be paid.

The Team

In 1964, John Nemec opened the first Ziebart Rust Proofing franchise in Illinois. In 1991, CarSmart! was created by and ex-Ziebart franchisee. Tom Nemec, who is a 30+ year veteran in the Detailing and Rust Prevention business, as well as an award winning show car builder, acquired the CarSmart! brand in 2002. No one in Illinois has been Rust Proofing and Undercoating vehicles longer than the Nemec family."

Our detailing manager is Ferrari trained and our professional detailing team is paid by the hour (not the vehicle), which means they're not in a hurry. Whether it's detailing, repair or installation, your vehicle is our top priority.

The Process

We treat your vehicle right from the inside out, regardless of age, value or condition. Exteriors are treated with a gentle hand wash, professional buffing, damage repair and a protective coat of sealent and Teflon. Interiors are cleaned top to bottom and our detailers are trained to clean every part whether it looks like it needs it or not.

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How We Approach Your Vehicle


Our goal is to address all of the "issues" on the exterior or your car to bring it back to as close to "like new" condition as possible. At CarSmart!, we don't give you a "shiner version of what you brought in" because we address the entire exterior - trim, paint, emblems, wheels... everything.

Exterior Highlights

  • We begin with a Hand Car Wash
  • Any road grime, minor tar etc, is removed with clear-coat safe cleaners
  • Clay Bar is used to remove stubborn grim and rail dust*
  • Vehicles are pre-mask taped and convertible tops are cleaned, dried and wrapped in plastic
  • All scuffs and scratches are buffed professionally
  • Paint chips from basic "wear and tear" are touched up
  • Entire vehicle is polished to remove light scratches, swirls & any buffing tracks
  • Polymer/Teflon paint sealant is used instead of wax for maximum protection


Our goal is to bring your interior back to as close to "like new" condition minus the wear and tear of course. At CarSmart!, we don't give you a "sticky-shiny" dashboard and trim which only attracts dirt along with soaking wet "shampooed carpeting" that only breeds mold and then produces an odor that you can't get rid of.

Interior Highlights

  • Nook & Cranny cleaning from top to bottom, front to back
  • Our detailers are trained to clean every part of the interior whether it "needs it" or not
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*Rail Dust: This is the "tiny orange rust spots" you see on your vehicle, most typically light colors like white and light silver vehicles, which comes from your brake system. These spots are typically found on the lower portion of your front door, behind your rear wheels and especially on the back of the vehicle. They are tiny metal filings from your semi-metallic brake pads that come off during braking, are very hot and stick to the surface of your vehicle. The first sight of moisture and they "rust".